SHIP – Hotel de la Monnaie

SHIP, meaning “So happy in Paris” is a party promoted by Michael Canitrot. Who is a talented Dj and music producer whith years of experiences in the Music and Event industry, especially in Paris. His party is getting bigger every year, exporting to Brazil nowadays. It’s all about house music, good house music.
In beginning summer 2018, he came by me with the voluntee to do something bigger for a special occasion. He presented me a special old venue which is l’Hotel de la monnaie, it’s a building in a middle of Paris with an awesome architecture, which was built in 1800 (if my memory is good), where the coins where made. The event was for the music celebration day.
This venue never hosted any parties ever, so he figured it out how to make this happens, while he asked me a special stage design.
There was a metal tree in the middle of the court, so I decided to create a stage design arround it, with some special video led sceptrons ‘sticks’, lights and a scene to make artist perform.
With Visionz, we handled all the technic, the stage design, the light, video and sound system, we installed it, programmed it, and then he’ve played with it.
The main idea was to make people travel into a new world, and show them the power of music, and make them feel something magical.
Here is few pictures and videos of what it looked like. It was a great challenge, and a great busy event.
Pictures by Geoffrey Hubbel