Queen Nightclub

Queen Nightclub is the “New” Queen Club. In September 2015, Queen Club closed his door on 102 Champs Elysées and crossed the street to re-open in a brand new place at 79 Champs Elysées.
This amazing club, stage designed by Giglam opened with David Guetta guest.
I also worked on the video teasing this place changing, you can find it here.
So my job was to be the one technical manager. Meaning to handle every thing about technic. But also to provide, as a VJ and LightDesigner, huge light & Vidéo live show fitting perfectly with the music.
Also there was a great L’Acoustic sound system I had to manage with Midas Pro 1 console.
You can watch below a timecoded Show I did in 2017. 
I wanted to do a Timecoded Show since a while, a one I can share on the internet. The goal was to : Do a pre-done Show, Timecoded, with Music, Vidéo and Light perfectly sync. Also to be dynamic as much as possible, to use the stage design as much as I could, to really show the beauty of the club. And finally all the features of these cool Ayrton’s product. 
As you maybe know, my shows are lots about Strobe and really fast stuff, you can watch an extract from a light show live at Queen Nightclub below. So for a Timecoded Light Show I wanted more chasing stuff, and smart thing also dynamic, looking really different than I use live, to have a really difference and contrast if this show is used as an intro for example. And that permit to don’t loose people and you can easily “understand” what the club and the show look like.
As a technical manager I host in 2 years concept residency as : Cathy Guetta – Queen of Ibiza, Cirque Le Soir, Limelight,
Society and group as : Academie des Cesar, Globes de Crystal, Givenchy, MUR Fashion Magazine,…
Hip Hop Artist : Chris Brown, Tyga, Rick Ross, Asap Rocky (& Friends), Rae Smerrurd,… 
DJ : Steve Aoki, David Guetta, Bob Sinclar, Luciano, Jamie Jones, Guy Gerber, Agoria, Seth Troxler, Dixon, Kavinsky, Horse Meat Disco, Sub Zero,
You can find more on Collaboration/References area
I was really proud tonne part of this nightclub and to be the technical manager of this huge nightclub. I decided in July 2017, 2 years after the opening to leave this project to let the new generation the project, bringing maybe new ideas and way to use this nightclub. I did more than 500 gigs in this Club, so it was time for me to evolve into something a little different to improve my skills. I reached how to light, my way to operate, the technic and all I know to 2 young light designer to give them the opportunity to do something great with this club after me. 
About the rig : We were the first to have the new Ayrton’s product
72 x Magic Dots
48 x Magic Blade
9 x Cosmo Pix
12 x Stormy Clay Paky
Led Screens P3.9mm by UltraVision
Console : Chamsys MagicQ + 2 Wings 
Credit photos : Killian Pitiot / Geoffrey Bellec / Miko Mickael Gonzales / Camilia Adoul / Anis Talbi / Anthony Gnassia