Queen Club 102

Queen Club at 102 Avenue Champs Elysées was the most famous nightclub in France and one of the most famous in Europe. I was proud to be the Light Operator, VJ and Technical Manager from June 2014 to the last night at this adress in August 2015.
Queen Club at 102 was an awesome club with a great vibe always here. A great design by Giglam with a circle all around the dancefloor with some Mac 101, Atomic 3000, Blinders, and EC-20 Video Wall on the wall. And just on top of the dancefloor some truss circle with Mac 101 and Mac Rush MH3.
My role in this club was to program, create and design a Live Show perfectly synchronized to the music, the mood, the feelings. Using Lights, Video, FX. Also was to handle all about technic, from electricity, fire, intranet, Internet, to light, video, FX, and many more
Sponsored by Martin Professional you can see the material list below :
x96 Mac 101
x16 JEM Hydra Head
x16 Rush MH3
x5 Mac Quantum
150 Nights
Credit photos : Killian Pitiot