LH4L or L’Homme aux 4 Lettres (meaning the man with 4 letters), is a French DJ and music producer. Supported by Mad Decent and well know cause he is author of official remixes for Diplo, Valentino Khan,… Also being himself remixed by Skrillex with his song Neoprene. He is one of this artist unclassifiable, mixing Jersey Club, Miami Bass and Trap music styles.
In 2018, he had a gig with Dillon Francis in Paris, Palais de Tokyo, one of the coolest hall in Paris to have a show, with a big ledscreens. As he knew me by doing visuals for Point Point and more of his friend, we always follow each other work. He had lots of great visual idea. So 2018 he did the jump and asked me a Visual pack in the spirit of Devoted’s one, or maybe Dombresky.
He sent me lots of ideas, told me he wants lots of colors combinaisons. With the help of his song’s covers too, I started to create lots of differents colors combinaisons pretty pop/90’s, and I kept in mind his bass music, and still thinking I need pretty dynamic visual, also bringing a crazy part, to do a really special pack that doesn’t exist for anybody, as his music.