Fanatic Party

In beginning 2018, Greg Pereira a event planner in Paris, reached me up ’cause he knew what I did from Queen Club Paris. He asked me to be part of his new project, a retro party, starting the night from 2018 music to 1988. He wanted many different things from me, some custom visuals for his party, also a special intro, and me as Light Designer & VJ for the party.
As the concept is a “rewind” or a giant “countdown”, the goal was to reflect that in any time of the party. Also, we visited the venue together, and see the technical inconvenient we had, as the led screen pitch & size. So I had to kept all those points in mind while creating. I decided to re-use the main colors of the logo & party concept, also the style kind of 2D retro animations.
So there is what I did in pictures, I hope I’ll be able to upload any pictures of the party, and videos when it’ll be available.