Dombresky is a French DJ, playing on lots of awesome stage all around the world. His music and universe is about Future Bass and sound a bit like old school house music, but in the modern way. He collaborated with Malaa on Utopia, and released lots of stuff under the Tchami’s Label Confession. His management asked me to create a pack of visuals for his live performances, deadline was short, they wanted the pack in few weeks ’cause he was playing on NYE Countdown Festival by Insomniac Event, and few weeks later at EDC Mexico.
The goal was to play with some old school color gradient, has his communication is arround that and fitting with his music. I had to find some gradients, I found 7 cools, then the goal was to make ‘like oldschool animations’ but not kitsch, kind of modern and futuristic in a certain way. The goal was to bring people in the ol school retro universe but in a minimalist and house music way. So I did basic shape as square, circle, triangle, and playing in 3D or 2D with some plugin on After Effect.
Here is some previews of what I did.