Boum Boum Paris

Boum Boum is a really VIP Nightclub in paris near Champs-Elysées. Displaying an arena-shaped layout and a sound and visual staging expertly directed, Boum Boum unveils a 350-sqm area enhanced by a neo 70s decoration thought up by Parisian indoor designer Charles Tassin. Boum Boum opened in 2017, they asked me if I could do some visuals to fit with the venue. The neo 70s decoration, also the circle arround the screens. They asked me something more decorative than dynamic. I created arround 3 axis, the special pattern they asked me to reproduce and play with, the fact that the screens are surrounded by led circles, the colours Orange/gold/amber and old red, and some rock stuff about marshall, guitar, 70s mic, this is what I did for them :