Aazar – Zenith Paris

The 25th November 2016 was an amazing day for me, because I worked in Paris’s Zenith for the first time. It’s the 2nd biggest hall in Paris and it was for the opening act of new DJ Snake’s Show !
Only one week before, I received a call : “Hi Flo, how are you ? What are you doing the 25th November from 5:00 PM ? We have a huge new, we need you for the Zenith !”
This new was so huge and mean so much to me. I had to create new visuals adapted to Aazar for his special set he was preparing for the opening act of new DJ Snake’s Show. They asked me to created something more minimalist, more simple, who fits more with the first visuals I did for him.
Also I reworked all my way to make à VJ Show to fit with the music and the Set. Prepared the visuals, the effects. Few days later I was just in the Booth in front of a really huge scene, Making the VJ Show for Aazar in the opening act of DJ Snake at Zénith. The Show was sold out in few days when tickets were available online. The crowd was so in fire.
I will never forget this gigs.
I will never thanks enough Aazar and his team for their support and their confidence in my work.
Below you can watch few videos from the booth, from Chivteam aftermovie,..
And you can also check what visuals I did just for this gig.
Credits : Vision by AG // Miko45 // Chivteam