Aazar Fire

Read more below about a Fire Special Pack made for the Trap DJ called Aazar. This is not warming, it’s burning !
In October 2016, the trap Parisian DJ Aazar came back to Paris for one party at Showcase called : Aazar & Friends. Him and his team decided to create a universe about fire, something like “setting fire to the building!”. So he asked me to create some new visuals about it.
One year before I was creating Flames the VJ Pack of Animation visuals. This time was something from the next level because is not just about some animations but more about realistic Flames.
I used for the first time a huge plug-in of Cinema4D, called Turbulence FD, to create some realistic Flames, I used too some metal, industrial, fire background. With an hard work on After Effect, rework and FX to make it look more real and create a burning environnement.
I also tried to use some pictures to make burn some environnement like forest, Building, warehouse,… With Photoshop and After Effect.
Realistic fire and flames is quite difficult, I have also to use the logo in somes different way, with the pure logo, to combine Minimal Basic White Logo + Fire effect. I also create few with some textures.
I created a intro with best visuals I did on the pack + some footage reworked with FX, color correction, mirrors,.. You can watch few part of it on the video below.
That was a big project who brings me new skills about some plugins and some different way to create. And bring a real challenge about bring people into a real universe, make them feel the temperature, the fire !