Aazar B2B Tony Romera

This one is special. Aazar is well know for his violence and trap music set. Tony Romera is well know for his future bass house music, Rezz style.
Both French amzing talelented producer and DJ, they played a special B2B for a big festival in Paris called Elektric Park Festival.
So they’ve asked me : we wants something special, as Aazar is also know for his Chef Aazar recipes on his stories. And as Tony Romera is know for talking always about meat, always promoting meat. They asked me to do a visual pack arround this, to bring them together like in a Chef Cooking TV Show. So I did an intro, that you can find in more show section. And this visual pack, in collaboration with Visionz, so you can see more visuals from all the Visionz Team, on www.visionz.fr