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Intro Trap

Intro Trap

Intro trap with all sounds animated. Pure beat reactive !
Here is an intro about trap music that a DJ sent me few days before the gigs. An exclusive sound intro maded by himself with some pad and sample sound/beat. Trap music like this intro contains really a lot of sounds and contents so I decided to work with each sounds and represent each of them on led screen. I worked with a mapping pixel by pixel of my led screen due to a space between my leds screens and to obtain a render really dynamic.

I focused myself of something maybe simple like it seems but something really dynamic and perfectly synchronized on a fast Sound Intro. That was like a challenge for me to do This Intro.

I maded something similar in the past with the first intro of the year 2015 which was an hip hop intro. Called Deep Drush Intro 2015 but less interesting than this, even if I received a really great feedback on it.

You can find the youtube video on this page but too here.
And the original video not in Live down and here.