Intro Propapanda

Intro Propapanda

DJ Kweith x WTFlow x Shake Thursday x Queen NightClub – This is what this intro is about, to unify these elements and bring people into one kind of party.

Every thursday it’s Shake Thursday at Queen Nightclub, with the amazing and so dynamic DJ K Weith. We decided him and I to create an intro for this party, so he sent me an sound-intro. The sound is about different elements mixed together, bringing people at the end on Panda Song by Desiigner, I also add the Ronaissance Remix of Panda on it.

Shake Thursday is about an Hip-Hop party with also some trap music, really fun and popular party. So the spirit is about Hip-Hop, Fun & a little Violent Trap.

The idea of this intro is bring back all these elements together, in the Shake Thursday’s spirit. So we can find on it some minimal lines with some fractal displacement, also some violent frames, some emojis for the fun, also the Flames Series with effects because Flames was made also for Hip Hop Music.

Beat react ! Making an intro really beat reactive on the millisecond of each beats and noise, this is what I like to see, and to do ! So each songs, each beats, are reprensented to have the best impact as possible on the crowd. Also the countdown at the beginning is one my favorite element I like to use, as I did so many times in the past, the little countdown at the beginning of the intro make people ask “What’s going on at 00:00:00 ???”. Then, they take an huge impact by the intro.

Please let me know what you think about it, on social medias or by contact page.


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