The Queen of Queen

‘The Queen of Queen’ is a short awesome video teasing the closing of the Queen Club at 102 Champs Elysees and the Queen NightClub opening at 79 Champs Elysees. Directed by Zéphirin Legrand. In summer 2015 we closed the Queen Club at 102 Champs Elysees Paris to open the Queen NightClub at 79 Champs Elysees.
Zéphirin Legrand, a great Parisian Artist and filmmaker created a video about this legendary nightclub called Queen. I was in charge about the technic in the club and also was the Light Artist for this video. I bring my Light Inspiration into this really inspiring and interesting project in collaboration with Zéphirin Legrand. Something really artistic with a great put in value of the main characters and an hard work to use all the light system.
If you are interested by the place Queen Club 102, the light system, my residency, read more here.
Here you can watch the result of the video, from Zéphirin Legrand’s Vimeo Channel.
Credits :
  • Filmmaker__Zéphirin Legrand
  • Crown, Longline bras & Cape__Damien Laturaze
  • Dress & Cape__Maxime Toutain
  • Chest Harness Leather__Phyléa (Hervé Le Gal)
  • Make Up & Hair__Damien Laturaze
  • Queen & Titan__Fanny Lombard & Camille Laturaze
  • Logo Animation__David Minguez
  • Text__Marine Séjournant
  • Voice__Benoit Charon
  • Light Jockey__Florian Michel / WTFlow
  • Illustration__Damien Laturaze & Zéphirin Legrand
  • Music__Extan – One Touch
  • Place__Queen Club Paris – 102 Champs Elysees, Paris, FR