Point Point Intro Particles

This one, is about an Point Point Intro. One of my favorite Intro I ever did. The song is an orchestral nice intro homemade. I was inspired by the audio to make something different. And tell a story with video, perfectly synchronized to the sound. Point Point is a French Music Collective artist. Composed of Aazar + Alesia (Devoted To God + Nömak). Since few years now we are working together on their label Record Record. I create the visuals, the Intros, the teaser/cover video, Lyrics Video, Clips, and lots of other cool stuff Once upon a time, in a chaotic universe full of particles all looking the same. One particle and two other one, combine their energy and ideas in a same way to evolve. Creating one giant sphere, this one divide himself as 2 sphere. 2 perfect symetric spheres in a chaos. One idea, one movement, represented by 2 dots, 2 point : POINT POINT I also created/reworked 10 Visuals in the same design of the intro to fit with the Live Performance. Created fully by After Effect with the Element 3D Plugins – In 15hours -March 2017