Next Pack : Slads 2 The Following

Next Pack : Slads 2 The Following

Slads is not alone anymore, discover now the chapter 2 of an awesome visuals serie about deep, adaptative, dynamic and designed visuals ! Slads, name it “Slads 1” if you want, was a serie I loved to create and when I finished the pack I have others ideas, others visuals and unfinished projects looks really great. Can’t put it with Slads 1, couldn’t delete or forget it. I reworked these alone projects, these alone ideas and try it on screens, that give me SLADS II !

  • What difference between Slads 1 / Slads 2 ?

“Slads 2 is more”. Slads 2 is more thinked, more worked, more animated, more adaptive, more dynamic, with more various loops in the pack and finally deeper.

  • What is the same ?

Slads 2 is the following to Slads 1 ! Is about exactly same design, same way to work lights, cameras, objects, looping,.. So It’s about same world, the Slads World.

Slads brings me really A lots of inspiration, I’m really Happy to present SLADS II with these new loops, really lots of differents effects and animation that brings you diversity and adaptative loops.

The biggest Work on these loops was How make it looks awesome with Effects So please try to use it with your VJ Effects just to see what happens, it gives you lots of various loops, different than the original visual. Is more about a tool to make lots of stuff with. I don’t give you a 50 Pack with 10 animations + 40 Loops maded with these 10 animations. I prefer give you these 10 animations and let you make hundred of awesome variant stuff in live (or not) with.