Next Pack Incoming : Slads ! 

Next Pack Incoming : Slads ! 

After an awesome feedback with the Flames Serie, it’s now time to talk about the next free pack incoming ! This is Slads, about some basics shapes who bring amazing 3D effect to all your screens. Let’s talk about what is the plan with it and let’s see some preview… This summer between Fleek And Flames was really great, I received lots of feedback, photos, videos from people around the world, from Club, Festival, Clips,… So first, thank you all for support.  Now let’s talk about this new project. Slads is a new serie I started to create this summer. There is few objective that I wanted to reach with this serie :

  • Adaptive : Fit to all composition, all kind of Led Pixel pitch, all Mapping,… This is a goal I always want to reach and always in my mind during I work. Because everybody don’t have a 16:9 Leds Screen of 3mm Pitch, I want to offer new visuals too for VJ with Multi Led Screens 20mm Pitch for example. So I try my visuals on two Leds Screens at work : 20mm Pitch EC-20 Led Screen from Martin Professional at Mix Club Paris, 8 Column, 6meters Led Screens separated by Lights, Ratio close to square. (I worked too This serie at the beginning with some column of 1,5meter, Pitch 20mm with a 5:1 Ratio.) I try these in my other club too with a 3,9mm pitch, 6meters by 2meters. Some different Leds Screen setup to try it, Low Pitch and High Pitch, separated and full. I try these in some mapping compositions too with some deformation and effects from special mapping. Adaptive mean to be adaptive to all VJ Effects too. The idea is to Have a nice original visual, and to Have the possibility too to make a new visual really different than the original with some effects, keeping same design or not. I think is too easy to make 10 visuals with effects allready on it, some kaleida, mirrors, lights and texture. You reach fast the number of 10 visuals with Only one at the beginning. But this is better when everybody can make it in Live, with one visual, make something like 10, 20 or 50 if you are inspired. That allow you to don’t make heavy your software and put more visuals. So you will find the less effects possible in Slads Visuals. That allow you to be creative and do what you want with it.
  • Dynamic and Sound Reactive : I see lots of visuals Sound reactive on some dubstep or special beats, visuals who are really cool with the song on the teaser but, when you put it on other song that mean nothing. I dont looking for this with Slads. Once again the idea of being adaptive comes, Slads for me must be dynamic and adaptive to all music style and BPM. Perfect on Deep House and perfect too on Hardstyle for example. The hard parts of it is to have a visual who can be slow and perfect for a break time and too dynamic energic sound reactive for the drop. The Beat React in Slads is a 120BPM Beat React That give you 32Beats in 16sec. With the 30fps choice you can go down the BPM to 96BPM without any jerky bad render. So you can play with it on Latino, Hip Hop Music, Trap, Deep House, Electro, HardMusic,…
  • Depth : Slads is about basic plate, basic shape, originals effects and movement to bring you amazing 3D Effect. That I want with Slads is to bring new dimension to Led Screen with a Huge 3D Effect, to be able to have 3D to Low Pitch Led Screen too. To move people, close to optical illusion.

Let’s talk about the visuals now and artistic parts. – Shape : It’s about Slads, about plate. Basic shape that can you bring awesome 3D effect. Big shape to have this Effect of something big, something heavy. – Design : I choose for the moment Cyan/Purple color combinaison to allow you to have lots of Hue Rotate possibility and to have a nice original visual too. I choose too for the moment a white edge. – Lights : There is not a lots of Lights Effects really visible. A big Light Work to have Nice render but not the main goal. The light work behind this serie brings a lots for the 3D effect wanted. – Camera : Lots of work too on camera movement, camera effects and rotation, something dynamic and not too fast. Really important for the 3D too. About technical information for the project :

  • Quality : 1920 x 1080p
  • FPS (Frame Per Second) : 30 FPS
  • Format : .MOV (QuickTime)
  • Codec : PhotoJpeg / H.264
  • Loop : Perfect Loop
  • Beat Reactive : Yes 120BPM

Feel free to write me on social media to talk about it and to tell me what do you think about it for the moment. If you want to try the first render of Slads, write me on contact section or on Facebook to talk about it, there is nothing impossible. #Slads #SladsSerie #SladsByWTFlow #WTFlow