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So proud to present you, the pack I’m the most proud of since the beginning of my career. I spend more than a year to work, rework, and rerework these loops, to have the perfect result between amazing animation and wonderful design.
Metalive is a premium pack of 40 Visuals in Full HD (1920×1080) Resolution. Perfect for all VJs.
This pack rocks on every kind of screens !

About some mecanic shape, basic shape, but alive in an organic way.
Discover these loops in an uncommon design, unique and perfect for any VJs because the pack looks amazing with all VJs Effect. It’s perfectly made to be used with some kaleida, mirrors, hue, and many many more stuff !
I hope so so so much you’re gonna love it, this is like my baby for me.
Can’t wait to receive your feedback about it.

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  • Quality : Full HD : 1920 x 1080p
  • FPS (Frame Per Second) : 30 FPS
  • Format : .MOV (QuickTime)
  • Codec : PhotoJpeg / DXV 3
  • Loop : Perfect Loop
  • Beat Reactive : Yes 120BPM
  • Alpha Channel : Yes !

This pack have Alpha Channel, the render is great and allow you to play visuals perfectly together, looks amazing.

I also put no effects on visuals to let you the freedom to add all you want yourself. So add effects like Mirrors, MirrorQuad, Kaleida,… and see how the render is.


[vc_masonry_media_grid element_width=”2″ gap=”0″ item=”2263″ grid_id=”vc_gid:1489240195129-dd62ab58-afde-2″ include=”55073,55074,55075,55076,55077,55078,55079,55080,55081,55082,55083,55084,55085,55086,55087,55088,55089,55090,55091,55092,55093,55094,55095,55096,55097,55098,55099,55100,55101,55102,55103,55104,55105,55106,55107,55108,55109,55110,55111,55112″]