Light Show @ QueenClub

Light Show @ QueenClub

This is a little Video of My Light show in Live with some moments of the Nights. We are Friday summer Night, Generalist Music with DJ Fredelux.
Queen Club Paris ” That’s How We Called This Famous club on Champs Elysées Where I was So proud to Work. As a Light Jockey / Video Jockey / Technical Manager & Too Visual Artist Designer. Club opened Every Days of the week, From Disco the Monday to House the saturday And Tribal / Tech / Deep House the Sunday with Hip Hop Thursday of Generalist Friday, All Kids of Music And with 7/7 I was Lucky to Work with Florimond Zipper alias Zyper.

  • About Lights !

My amazing co-worker And me received the next words to build our show : Dynamic, Energic, Using Maximum Performance We Can on All the System. So I learn with My co-worker a new Lighting Controller : MPC by Martin Professional (Club’s Partner) Really powerfull And Perfect for Clubbing.

So We used our Maxxyz Wing (Submaster + buttons + Programmer) to make a desk With All the tools to play fastest as We can, All tools Easy to use And to access And All the Rest on Touch screen with the Logic to use Executer And Cue / Cue-List / Cue-Stack (Call it How you want but not with the programmer Logic)

My Light show was a lot about some strobe Effects, not a lots of chase, everything in live. Sync to Music at each moment, Be able to give to People the emotion And the feeling of the Music ! Thats the idea ! And to keep of course the idea to Be always Dynamic And use to the maximum the lights.

I prefer Work with lots of Back Up And Easy way to Have a solution in anycase, the club is Underwater We lost All the computer And desk ? No problem I Have a solution !

I learned Touch OSC to make a Mapping for iPad And use iPad like a Remote, like a Wing, like All I want if I loose a Wing, the consol or if I Have a huge problem in somewhere in the club far away from the Booth And Be able to move fix it And still continue the show. The job was too to manage All about technic in the club, Video TV, Ambiant Air, CB Card Receipter, Internet, Sound, Electricity System, Smoke And FX System,..

We were able too, to replace Wing And play with some MIDI Controller like Launchpad S by Novation or Midifighter by DJTechtools for My co-worker. To Be prepared to Have always a way to fix a problem.

  • And The Video ! 

I worked with Resolume Arena for VJing, Linked in Artnet to MPC And with the Video Processor P3 by Martin And Led Screens EC-20 (Awesome Pitch 20mm Video Led Screen) with a unique Design with 20 column separated by 2x Mac 101 + 1 Atomic 3000 + 1 Blinder.
No clips Video, No Logo, No Text, Only about Animation ! So as a VJ & Visual Designer, each Night You must make Your own Visuals, with a correct Mapping of led Screens, with the theme, artists And animated.

I Work All these stuff with the Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe After Effect CC, Adobe Première CC,… And Too C4D. Média Encoder to encode Visuals for idéal résolutions for Resolume And be optimal in live.

Queen Club Paris @ 102 Champs Elysées closed his door the 31th August 2015 with me And Bob Sinclar. Today It’s Now Queen NightClub @ 79 Avenue des Champs Elysées, Opened the 1th September, Inaugurated the 2th with David Guetta.