Fleek Serie

Fleek Serie

Something new, something to the next level is here.  

Called Fleek, this Serie is Free. This pack is 10 visuals with the same design, the same idea, but all very different. Few loops will have the same environnement but the render is totally different. The idea and the logic is with these 10 visuals that you will be able to make something like maybe 50-100 visuals with some effects added, but to keep too a original visual who is really nice. They are real built in detail to be really good to use in Live, like the speed, like the elements and from where to where on the screen they go, etc.. I wanted that this pack allow you to make some perfect break, perfect speed, some beat reactive effect, too keep the same design but not at all the same visual, too was easy to fade between them.

First 4K Pack, Likid is about Liquid Ball connected, in lots of differents colors. Discover a Free Pack really dynamic and energic. It rock on all screens and looks amazing with effects.

This is my first 4K pack, named Likid. I wanted to have visuals really different to use in live. Perfect on every screen. About liquid animation, energic, with a great 3D Effect.

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Technical info :

  • Quality : 1920 x 1080p
  • FPS (Frame Per Second) : 30 FPS
  • Format : .MOV (QuickTime)
  • Codec : DXV or PhotoJpeg
  • Loop : Perfect Loop
  • Beat Reactive : Yes 120BPM


The design is about pink & cyan, own textures & materials in C4D. Lots of work so I hope you like it, feel free to contact me to give me your feedback, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or here in the website !

Somes Wallpapers are allready online but later a Free Wallpapers 4K Pack will be online right here.

Use the Hashtag #FleekByWTFlow


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