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Know more about me


My Real Name is Florian Michel. I come from Lyon in France. I live in Paris actually.

I started to work about Show at 15th Years Old when I was amazed more by the Technician’s Work than the DJ ‘s work. I started like technician in a event production society where I learned Technical Skills about sound, lights, video, stage. At my 18th years old I was engaged like Light Jockey & Video Jockey in a French Electro Club @ Lyon, where I did the Light Show of many international artists in 2 years like Showtek, Laidback Luke, Quentin Mosimann, Will Sparks, Tony Junior, DVBBS and many more (references/collaboration)… I changed all the Video booth of that club and start a real Live Video Show one year later.

In the same period I discovered a new passion, to create my own visuals and intros with After Effect & C4D.
I studied in Grim Edif @ Lyon after my Bac Scientific. A School about Live Events, I studied in the Technical Manager Class where I learned more about Sound Consol, Effect, Cinema,..

In 2014 I started to work in Mix Club Paris & Queen Club Paris where I am now Visual Artist (Light/Video/Effects Jockey) & too technical Manager almost everydays of the week.

You can find more information about me in these other tabs :

Me & My Way to think
I’m a music lover and an huge fan of every kind of show, inspired by Armin Van Burren’s as Qlimax’s Show or Eric Prydz’s Epic Show. My way to think actually is to work more and more, to push the limit to the next level each time. So when I have some free time I spend it to work about show, about intro, visuals, private projects or to develop new stuff.

I work 6 nights by weeks on nightclubs where I made a Light/Video Show where I manage Light System, Video System and effect System + all about technic in the club (Sound Quality, Intranet, Internet, Temperature,…)

About my way to think and to work. Amazed and inspired by huge show like quoted before, my goal is to bring people in an other world. Following the music and feelings that music brings, my objective is to use all tools I have to catch them and bring them in a new world to make them live and feel the music. To make them thing about nothing else than the present moment, and give them a fully clubbing experience.

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School Past

Bac – 3 : Technologic HighSchool Galilée at Vienne (38, FR) Engineering Sciences, option Electricity, Informatics and Mathematics

Bac -2 / -1 : Audiovisual Léonard de Vinci HighSchool at Villefontaine (38, FR) Scientifics Studies + Engineering (Programming, 3D Modelling,..)

Graduated Bac Scientific option : Engineering Sciences

Bac +1 : DUT Mathematics and Informatics at University Lumiere Lyon 2 (69, FR)

Bac + 2 : BTS : Grim-Edif : Live Show Versatile Technical Manager (Light, Video, Sound, Electricity, Design, History, English, Licence,..)

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Feel free to ask other skills, always looking for new experiences, new skills and always searching to improve my self, my skills are improving every days in many many domains.


Light :

  • Light Design, Consulting Light Installation, Programming / Encoding Light Teaching
  • Light Show adaptive Artnet, DMX Protocole MIDI, Timecode
  • Consoles I worked a lots with : MPC, Sunlite Suite 1 & 2, Chamsys Consoles
  • I know : GrandMa, GrandMA2, Martin LJ, Hog (4)
  • Light Company I worked with : Martin Professional, Ayrton
  • Lighted : Festivals, Theatre, Concerts, Clubs, Cinema Shooting, Dancing Show,..


Live Video :

  • Video Design, consulting Video
  • Installation
  • Video Mapping
  • Video Programming
  • Video Show
  • Video Controler I worked a lots : Resolume, Arkaos GrandVJ, Arkaos MediaMaster
  • Video Controler I know : Modul8, MadMapper, Vdmx, HeavyM,…

Video Visuals :

  • Adobe Creative Cloud (License) After Effect, Premiere, Media Encoder, Photoshop, Illustrator, LightRoom, Bridge.
  • Redgiant Suite (mostly Trapcode)
  • Videocopilot Suites (mostly Element 3D)
  • Cinema 4D, R14,15,16,17
  • Vray Fractalbulb 3D


  • Electricity : Abilitable BR
  • Informatic : Graduated B2R, Programming, Website, Office Suite, Mac & Win,…

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